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Thank you for visiting 3D Freelance blog. Our services comprise of architectural 3D perspectives and 3D models.

You may be an individual or professional organization such as an architecture firm, who/which requires 3D perspective illustration to better explain & realize your design to the client ?

Or you may be a student with a hectic schedule, but desperately needs to prepare 3D perspective illustration or 3D model in a short time for your course presentation ?

Whoever you are, we can fulfill your needs and requirements. No more worries! Get it here at a very reasonable price that you can’t resist. We only charge USD500 for each perspective.

We Do 3D Perspective For You

Our services are just about anything that relates to 3D architectural matters, ranging from illustration, walk-through, model, etc.
We have the experience and reputation in 3D perspective making through the years.
You are invited to view our portfolio here, which are actually our previous works for the client.

We guarantee you the best services that you can afford to have. We also welcome any advice or constructive comment to upgrade our services in the future.

How To Place Your Order

1) Kindly place your order by clicking the contact information form (next). Fill in the form by stating your requirements/needs, sufficient information that can guide us to understand those requirements/needs, and dateline/duration we need to complete your order (normally not more than 3 days from the day we received your order).

2) Please attach your AutoCAD file, sketches, measurement or whatever necessary information to our email address myfreelance3d@yahoo.com.my. This will enable us to complete your order with the best result possible.

Receipt of Order and Payment

1) Upon completion of your order, we shall notify you by phone call or email address given.

2) You need to make the payment first before the link for order will be given to you. To pay, simply click the payment button (next). Method of payment is by using
Paypal credit card.

Contact Us For Your Order

Clients will always be our top priority. If you have any enquiries or related problems,do e-mail us at myfreelance3d@yahoo.com.my.

3ds max tutorial :


UVW map

Modeling a simple chair

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